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Hi I'm back finally.. Will be abandoning this blog for awhile...
I wanted to post this after what I read about the Sundown Festival 2010.
Seriously I'm really pissed off with those non J rock fans that showed disrespect to LM.C and SuG. Also about SG Wan Bao for reporting false stuff about the J bands, giving all the highlight to K bands.. This is one of the reason why I don't really like the idea of having them coming to SG. I would rather the bands visit Taiwan, Hong Kong, US, Europe countries and get appreciated not the other way round.. But than again I will be quite sad if no J singers/bands come to SG..
Conclusion? Sigh.. Just don't mix J and K togther... I don't really know about SuG actually, but after watching videos of their performance, I support them now! I hope these stupid actions of those non Jrock fans can stop, don't give a bad impression of SG to the Japanese bands. It's not like you people are the only one waiting for your bands to come ( when there's already SO many K bands coming ). J bands in SG? RARE OKAY! Still very pissed..

it's 3:47 AM now on Saturday, August 7, 2010

I found another nice animelo live encore song!! >.<>.< I wanna see Kisho LIVE, at least more LIVE than being at home hehe~

Parents are finally back from their Penang trip!! Lots of my Malaysia goodies are brought back! Yeah!! haha! But must control myself =O So anyone interested to go Animelo 2011? hehe =D I really wanna go >.< So must start planning and saving up! I hope next year their T-shirt will be as nice as 2009! XD

it's 5:14 AM now on Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm so QIIIII with Koei! Hmph yet thankful to them at the same time =>=
Remember how Secondo Passo ended like ....... Ya you should know, I won't say any further BUT!! Heres the GOOD NEWS!! That's for the TV broadcast ending. The DVD shows a special ending, a continuation after the boys performance, which is Kaho's performance~~ yeah!
PLUS!! Not only Kaho's performance, all the guys ( yeah for Len ) got some screentime with her!! WOots!!!! Ya at least the DVD show some satisfactory ending not like the TV one!! PICTURES!!!

Kira being a little meanie to Lili, but just can't hate Kira when his seiyuu is Yuya-san XD

Kaho X Aoi ~ All dreamy and sparkly~ yes he treats her like his princess haha!

Kaho X Yunoki. Teasing her as always, this is just Yunoki yup!
Kaho X Hihara. Cosy chat which started with food~
Kaho X Len! Yes I'm bias =>= But you see it's not fair! Others have so much screenshots as a pair but Len's.. Sobs! A talk centred around violin~ And how he has changed his perspective of her!~
Kaho X Tsuchiura. Eating Manju together, he asks her not to give up~ Sunset somemore!
Kaho X Shimizu. So apparently that dress Kaho wears for performance is made by Shimizu's sis~ How sweet! Shimizu looks sweet as usual too~~ Kaho-senpai =D

it's 4:33 AM now on Sunday, May 30, 2010

I have rewatched Seisou Gakuen Sai 2 hehe =D This time with SUBS!
Finally could understand the whole drama story and the games and its so funny! >.<
Also their thanking speech, it was so touching!! I don't know why a few of them talked about how they have aged... But nevertheless Corda will never end =D I remembered Itou-san ( Ryou ) said they will never graduate XD I'm so happy and yet so touched! I can see they love their roles and La Corda so much hehe! That's why the family bond is so strong~~ Banzai Corda! ^.^
In Seisou Gakuen Sai 3, Hideo-san ( kanayan sensei ) also said that he really hopes that the next Gakuen Sai, ALL members will be present... Didn't know even the seiyuus also feel the same way as us haha.
You know while typing out these, I'm listening to Corda's Happy Time ^.^
The song made me feel touched while typing out all my thoughts here hehe~

it's 10:51 PM now on Friday, May 28, 2010

I have completed my GP Mid Year yesterday. Well.. don't really want to sigh and brawl about it anymore, what's done is done. But I'm glad I did try my best for all sections in both paper 1 and paper 2~ :)
I really want to intro this anime/manga to everyone!!!! It's called URAGIRI WA BOKU NO NAMAE WO SHIITERU ( Betrayal knows my name )
If you don't mind its shounen ai ( abit shoujo-ish I must say, the author said that its shoujo, but most manga webs put as shounen ai... lols ) But the story is FABULOUS! The drawings are NICE!! I guess thats the reasons why I don't mind if its shounen ai or not, plus the main guy, Yuki looks like a girl everytime I see him XP ( Plus his previous past life self is a GIRL! ) okok shall not spoil.. But its really very nice!! >.<

The anime of Uraboku also has a lineup of top-notch seiyuus!! Great cast really! They have Fukuyama Jun, Miyano Mamoru, Ono Daisuke, Inoue Marina, Sakurai Takahiro, Ishida Akira, Hoshi Souichiro etc! Woh! I love them all !! Left to right: Luka(Zess), Tsukumo, Touko, Yuki, Shusei, Hotsuma, Kuroto, Senshiro
It's really very nice!! Watch it >.<

it's 9:04 PM now on Thursday, May 27, 2010

I just realise that Seisou Gakuen Sai 3 is sort of welcoming the new game Kiniro no Corda 3. It takes place 8 years after the original story. At first I was quite sad at the thought of not seeing Len anymore and not going to hear Kishou's voice.... BUT!! Kiniro no Corda 3 surprised me with the same voice actors!!

See the pro-ness of Seiyuus as they switch to different characters with different personalities!
Left to Right ( from now onwards ):
Kisaragi Kyoya (violin) - Fukuyama Jun ( Shimizu Keiichi ) SHOCK! BUT GOOD! >.<
Kisaragi Ritsu (violin) - Konishi Katsuyuki ( Ousaki senpai ) DOUBLE SHOCK?!!
Sakaki Daiichi (viola) - Uchida Yuuya ( Chairman Kira ) SHOCKSHOCK!!! XD
Mizushima Haruto (cello) - Mizuhashi Kaori ( LiLi ) Still acceptable haha!


Yagisawa Yukihiro (trumpet): Itou Kentaro ( Ryoutarou ) errrr shock...
Hozumi Shiro (trumpet) : Morita Masakazu ( Hihara Kazuki ) SHOCK TTM!
Mizushima Arata (trombone) - Kishio Daisuke ( Yunoki Azuma ) GOOD! Perfect!


Tohgane Chiaki (violin) - Taniyama Kishou ( Tsukimori Len ) YES!!! GOOD!! >.<
Toki Housei (violin) -Ishikawa Hideo ( Kanayan sensei ) SHOCK!


Myoga Reiji (violin) - Hino Satoshi ( Etou Kiriya ) =.=lll okay...
Amamiya Sei (piano) - Miyano Mamoru ( Kaji Aoi ) What the?!! Isn't that Shimizu? XD
Nanami Sousuke (trumpet) - Masuda Yuki ( Amou ) okok =)

Okay more guys but than I still love Len 100% more!! Even though I like the blue hair guy Jun voices ( that guy seems like Len + Ryou + Aoi ) don't you think? o.o ENJOY THE PICS. If you want to listen to their voices come here =D tata~~

it's 3:48 AM now on Monday, May 24, 2010

SEISOU GAKUEN SAI 3! ( before I start pouring out my griefs lets have a damn nice group photo!! )

I really love this group photo, doesn't it brings out that family feel? >.< Amou is back!! Jun and Kishou cut their hair!! Damn nice now hehe! Morita grew back his hair though haha! Mamo's hair seems longer too =DD BUT!! Where's Yunoki and Chairman!? It's not the same without Daisuke and Mr Cake Lover!! T.T SIGH! ANd I dunno who's that guy between the girls. Perhaps from corda 3? o.o
Anyway still love this photo. Daisuke's nice~ He wished everyone all the best for the event. Really look forward to the next event where ALL!! will be there in a group photo!~ Credits to Kanayan sensei for this pic =P

it's 5:29 AM now on Sunday, May 23, 2010

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